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Scot is a content strategist for Oracle. He's a slacker and smartass involved in content design, content architecture, big data, cloud computing, and other buzzwords related to technical stuff. He loves his family, history books, jazz guitar, and the Minnesota Vikings. Scot is a proud father, so don't make the mistake of asking about his family unless you have four hours to listen to him ramble on about his kids.

The Writing Life: Gertrude Stein

You will write if you will write without thinking of the result in terms of a result, but think of the writing in terms of discovery, which is to say that creation must take place between the pen and the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Write the Docs Conference, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by the Write the Docs conference. It cost about 10% of other documentation conferences and had nearly the same amount of great ideas. That’s a tremendous deal. Plus it was in Portland. In a McMenamins. With … Continue reading

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The Te of Piglet: The Writer in Agile

Traditionally, Agile development has used the terms chicken and pigs to delineate two types of people involved in the development process. The cliched Agile fable goes: A pig and a chicken are talking to each other. The chicken says, “Hey … Continue reading

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No Joke: Eucalyptus 3.2.2 Released on April 1st

We just released the latest version of our private and hybrid cloud software. This is a maintenance release, so there are no new features. But we fixed some storage issues, did security updates, and got various other things working more … Continue reading

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The Writing Life: A Poem from Billy Collins

Advice to Writers Even if it keeps you up all night, wash down the walls and scrub the floor of your study before composing a syllable. Clean the place as if the Pope were on his way. Spotlessness is the … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Cloud: An Interactive Infographic Just found a wonderful infographic that captures the evolution of that most-nebulous computing concept, the “cloud.” Well done, Symantec. Look at the year 2008: Eucalyptus comes on the scene. (I know, I know: … Continue reading

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What is Cloud Computing? Yeah, what the hell IS cloud computing, anyway? When I first met the folks at Eucalyptus, they were talking about “private clouds” and “hybrid clouds” and other foolishness. I was working at Amazon Web Services and … Continue reading

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The Crimson broke my bracket in this year’s tourney. What the heck? I am officially the laughingstock at work now. That has nothing to do with Harvard though.

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Minimalist Documentation: How about a Haiku?

At Eucalyptus, we’re about to go through a documentation content audit. One of the goals of this audit is to see where we need to rewrite our content more concisely. When done well, concise content makes for easier understanding, and … Continue reading

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First Post, After Which the Author Types Nothing for Years

For further information, see title.

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