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Scot is a content strategist for Oracle. He's a slacker and smartass involved in content design, content architecture, big data, cloud computing, and other buzzwords related to technical stuff. He loves his family, history books, jazz guitar, and the Minnesota Vikings. Scot is a proud father, so don't make the mistake of asking about his family unless you have four hours to listen to him ramble on about his kids.

Teaching My Daughter to Drive a Car…and Mentoring Others

Getting a driver’s license is about as far as we go in our society for giving our adolescents a rite of passage into adulthood. To me, it’s almost a sacred time (okay, and a scared time, just to be anagram-istic). … Continue reading

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The Sphinx Kool-Aid Looks Great…But I Don’t Want to Drink It

After 16 years using XML, I’ve been tempted to switch to Sphinx. My new colleague at Eucalyptus, Kushal Das ( , has asked me to think about switching our DITA content to reStructuredText (reST). I tried Sphinx last year at … Continue reading

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Geez, I forgot how time-consuming a baby is…

This little guy is keeping me from blogging. Not complaining. Just explaining.

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So, 29 Years After My Oldest Was Born, I Adopted Again…

Cedar was born on June 9th. That’s why this blog has gone dark for a while. Well, that and I’m a lazy ass. Back to Cedar: Holy cow. You’d think after parenting for nearly 30 years, I’d have some father-like … Continue reading

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Lonely Island’s Semicolon


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Not Dead: Responsive Communication

My wife occasionally sends me text messages which, in my mind, do not require a reply. You know, things like a status update or a quick note that she’s running late. It’s informative for me to know. However, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Wabi-Sabi Writing

My limited understanding of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi is that it is an insight in which you can appreciate the beauty in the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. I don’t know about things you write, but imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness … Continue reading

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