Ba-dee-ya, publishing tomorrow

In the spirit of wabi-sabi, I’m thinking about using “ba-dee-ya” as a placeholder for my unfinished content. I have some deadlines that I won’t make and, rather than commenting out entire sections of text, I think I’ll include what I can, using “ba-dee-ya” where there’s more to come.

Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire passed away this week. I’ve been singing the song, September, for days now. Great song. It sounds a tad unfinished, with the “ba-dee-ya” in the chorus, but it’s still a great song. And I sing it. And dance to it.

I read an interview with one the songwriters, Allee Willis. She said that Maurice would use “ba-dee-ya” often as a placeholder for lyrics until the lyrics were finished. In the case of September, Maurice was good to go with keeping all the “ba-dee-yas” in place. It was not only good enough, it was the right fit.

Sometimes I need a ba-dee-ya rather than anything polished. To paraphrase Allee, I shouldn’t ever let my text get in the way of stating something important. Time to create a September-ipsum.

About scotmarvin

Scot is a content strategist for Oracle. He's a slacker and smartass involved in content design, content architecture, big data, cloud computing, and other buzzwords related to technical stuff. He loves his family, history books, jazz guitar, and the Minnesota Vikings. Scot is a proud father, so don't make the mistake of asking about his family unless you have four hours to listen to him ramble on about his kids.
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