Kindle Unlimited and my dysfunctional wishlists

I am trying out the most expensive library card ever. Kindle Unlimited seems like a nifty idea. $9.99 a month for unlimited reading.

As long as the offered books are ones you want to read. That should be the tagline.

I have one public Amazon Wishlist. Currently that list contains 255 books, six of which are offered by Amazon Unlimited. Going by that one list, the Unlimited deal isn’t so good for me.

However, I also have 33 private lists, all but five dealing with books, sorted according to genre. (Yes, I know: feel free to make fun of me.) 

Oh, and that number doesn’t count the gift lists I have.

Anyway: I’m trying to figure out how much crossover there is between my lists and Unlimited. So far, it’s very low. My expectation is that Amazon will expand the Unlimited offerings. I’m sure it will, but perhaps not very quickly in the genres I’m interested in (politics and philosophy).

Still, I remain an optimist (I am, after all,  a Minnesota Vikings fan), so I will stick around for a while and see what happens. Unlimited is like my writing: I like the idea, just not the initial implementation.

About scotmarvin

Scot is a content strategist for Oracle. He's a slacker and smartass involved in content design, content architecture, big data, cloud computing, and other buzzwords related to technical stuff. He loves his family, history books, jazz guitar, and the Minnesota Vikings. Scot is a proud father, so don't make the mistake of asking about his family unless you have four hours to listen to him ramble on about his kids.
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