What is Cloud Computing?

Yeah, what the hell IS cloud computing, anyway? When I first met the folks at Eucalyptus, they were talking about “private clouds” and “hybrid clouds” and other foolishness. I was working at Amazon Web Services and I only knew about public clouds.

In fact, I had the following formula:

Cloud = public cloud, dammit (C=PC[d]).

Well, I was wrong. Eucalyptus was right. Eucalyptus does public and hybrid clouds right. Follow the URL up top if you want to get straightened out about this whole cloud thing.

About scotmarvin

Scot is an editor and writer involved in content design, content architecture, big data, cloud computing, and other buzzwords related to technical stuff. He loves his family, history books, jazz guitar, and the Minnesota Vikings. Scot is a proud father, so don't make the mistake of asking about his family unless you have four hours to listen to him ramble on about his kids.
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